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What Makes StruXure Louvered Arbors Better?

Ask Julie Orr to design your next arbor. Higher quality aluminum parts, interlocking louvers, generous gutter design and premium powder coating and new Somfy high tech controls are just a few reasons why StruXure is a great product for your new outdoor room

Landscape Construction Timeline

What are the steps involved in a new landscape construction project? If you’ve never done a home remodel before, you may be surprised at what’s involved. Please read up before embarking on your new landscaping adventure to avoid headaches

Heaters for Your Outdoor Room

When I’ve designed an outdoor room, the perfect finishing touch is to add heat so that you can entertain even on cold evenings. The first thing I try to determine for my client is: how much heat will they need and where?

Water Shed Approach to Landscaping

Keeping rainfall on your property through the water-shed landscaping approach is an ideal choice for every client because it helps reduce pollution, restores life to the soils and attracts good wildlife.

European Farmhouse Living- Case Study in Menlo Park

This warm and outgoing Menlo Park family saw an opportunity to turn and crowed “forested backyard” into a ideal entertaining space for impromptu pizza parties or kiddie soccer games. The inside of the home is urban farmhouse so why not bring some of the farm living and European styling into the backyard as well?