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Outdoor Kitchen Designer in Los Altos

Outdoor rooms with kitchens are a specialty at Julie Orr Design. We’ll meet with you and design a kitchen on the spot. I’m a designer, not a salesperson, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive only the appliances and functions that make sense for you.

Outdoor Kitchen Designer in Menlo Park

We design and have artisans in Menlo Park who can build any size and any type of outdoor kitchen for you. Although custom, the prices are very reasonable for made in the US products.

Professionally Measuring Your Property

An accurately measured site will help your landscape designer understand what elements are existing on a given site. A correctly measured site will help with the design process and allow a means of communication between design and construction teams during installation.

Featured Material – Pavers

Concrete pavers are made from a mixture of cement, aggregate, and color pigments (either topical or integral color) and as a result pavers come in numerous shapes and sizes.

Ornamental Grass Maintenance

Ornamental grasses are a great element to have in your yards. They come in varying heights and colors, and the best part about them is that they bring movement to your landscape to make it come alive. Like most plants we need to maintain these grasses to ensure they look their best when new growth begins.

Projects of 2014

Here are a few of our favorite projects of 2014, designed by Julie Orr Design and installed by SouthBay Design and Landscaping.