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Julie Orr - Landscape Designer

Julie Orr

Principal Landscape Designer 

Art is in my blood. I have always been drawn to towards creative expression and making things beautiful. As a child, I was the one on the block who went going door to door trying to sell something I had made or convincing the neighbors to watch the new play that I had written or see the circus we had set up in the backyard with our family pets.

Creativity was a part of my early upbringing thanks to my father Norman Orr who was a graphic artist and designer of many legendary rock art posters from The Fillmore days in San Francisco. I would watch him in his studio and hope someday that I would make something as beautiful.

My love of design led me to degrees in Interior Design and Horticultural Design. After working as an interior designer in top architectural firms for almost a decade, I switched focus and started my own landscape design company in 2006 and never looked back. My true passion is plants, animals and nature. I find it exciting that my work will always be growing, evolving and never truly finished.

As a San Francisco native who has lived all over – from Silicon Valley to the Peninsula – I have a good understanding of soil, microclimate, people, plants, and community all over the Bay Area. I use my knowledge of the area to ground my work.

The clients that engage with us are smart, kind folks who crave beautiful outdoor spaces while having a design experience that uncomplicated and fun.

I’m excited about the possibility of working with you and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Julie Orr - Landscape Designer

Indy Vakil

Landscape Designer & CAD Specialist

As early as I can remember, I have always enjoyed beautiful indoor spaces, nature and outdoors.

My fascination with Lotus Temple in Delhi swayed me to pursue degree in Architecture. After receiving Bachelors in Architecture, I worked at renowned Architecture firms in India for 2 years.

More than ever, I felt gravitated towards the outdoor spaces, may it be historic gardens, urban parks or courtyards. Hence pursuing Masters in Landscape Architecture was the natural course of action.

I feel blessed to be part of the Julie Orr design team, where I get to do what I love the most, to create beautiful outdoor spaces and to provide efficient design solutions to our clients.

We are Hiring!

Part-Time Positions: Social Media Expert

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Saving You Time

We recognize your time is precious which is why we deliver the design process to your door.  We keep your life easy, allowing you more time at home.

Innovative Ideas

California comes with a variety of unique landscaping opportunities and challenges alike.  We have modern and environmentally friendly ideas to match.

Advanced Technology

Just because we’re landscape designers doesn’t mean we’re all plants and hardscape.  We use the latest in modern landscape design applications and technology.

Clear Communication

Once we begin working together, we’re available to you, to answer question, alleviate concerns, and talk through ideas.  We believe in the power of communication.

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